31st May 2018

The startling inaccuracy in the number of actual Breath Tests conducted in Victoria has every Victorian rightly concerned about just what is going on with Victoria Police that this sort of activity can fester and grow.

It is very encouraging that the new head of Police Ethical standards is looking at the management processes that failed to identify or manage this problem rather than the Police on the street who felt pressured to undertake rorting the system for which their only benefit may be avoiding a bollicking for not meeting quotas.

Perhaps Assistant Commissioner Barrett should look at the relationship between VicPol and TAC. TAC presumably is the instrument of government that negotiates on their behalf the quotas of Breath Tests or targets but Vicpol seems to accept the conditions of the negotiating without due consideration of the organisations capacity to deliver and the negative impact these quotas will have on the organisations capacity to deliver an overall effective Police service.

Largess offered and accepted by Vicpol executives from TAC may be the root cause. Accepting any gratuity from an opposing entity in negotiation a contract puts you at a disadvantage.

Overreach by VicPol to reward TAC for their generosity they may have provided, is corrupt behaviour.