3rd January 2018

The troll we exposed, Victoria Police head of Professional Standards Command, could face charges as could his colleague.
The Federal offence of,’ Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence’ carries a penalty of three years imprisonment.
It would seem that there is a primia facie case that the two Commissioners acting in concert have breached this Section 474.17 of the Commonwealth Crimes Act. However, as there has been a refusal to investigate the matter there remains a doubt, albeit that the allegations have never been denied by VicPol or either of the Commissioners.
That makes this whole saga very embarrassing for IBAC and the Chief Commissioner who both failed to investigate a complaint of a serious crime.
It is also very embarrassing for the State Government.
The two Assistant Commissioners involved in this issue will be waiting for the inevitable tap on the shoulder either from their more ethical colleagues or one of their ethical bosses.
To retain any remnants of credibility the two Commissioners have left, they should do the honourable thing and resign to save further embarrassment to the Force and in particular the Force Command who are currently under fire for the perilous state of crime in this State and can ill afford a further erosion of public confidence..
A bigger problem remains for the Premier, Daniel Andrews who has steadfastly supported the Chief Commissioner.
Does he now support the Chief Commissioner refusing to investigate complaints of criminal activity by Victoria Police Command like his Minister who announced today (2/01/2018) her complete confidence in Police Command?
By the Chief Commissioner not doing what the Police Act requires him to do he has put himself in a tenuous position bordering on complicity. Not ensuring that Victoria Police is distanced from the scurrilous remarks by Assistant Commissioner Fryer by ensuring they are retracted and the Trolling activity by Assistant Commissioner Guerin ceases, drags the Government into the fray because the refusal to investigate means that the activities of the Commissioners are endorsed by Victoria Police.
This whole sorry saga needs to be sorted and unfortunately falls to the feet of the Acting Chief Commissioner in what may be a true test of his credentials given that Chief Commissioner Ashton has already announced he will not be extending his tenure with no guarantee he will fulfil his contract, given his poor health.
Mr Premier there is a wildfire moving out of control and it will consume many if it is not controlled.
The integrity of Victoria Police Command is at stake.
Maybe you need to do some shoulder tapping.