22nd May 2015

The Victoria Police Blue Paper: ‘A Vision for Victoria Police in 2025’ was released in early June 2014.  This paper accepts the original manifesto for policing of Sir Robert Peel and reinforces the need for the Victoria Police (“VicPol”) to become more engaged with the community.

This is not occurring and this must change.

Policing in Victoria is moving back to the dark ages and it seems a fortress mentality is emerging where Vicpol is becoming more and more disengaged from the community, particularly youth.

This is at a time when engagement with the community in general and youth in particular has never been more important, particularly given terrorist acts are often perpetrated by youth.

We note the recent instruction that police must work in pairs and wear protective vests on duty,adult games tv not travel to and from home in uniform and not take police cars home or park them where police live.

An edict promulgated in response to the perceived increased threats of terrorism.

We are of the view that this is a win for terrorists and sends the message that VicPol fears these barbarians. This is completely the antithesis of what community leaders from the Prime Minister down are urging the community to do.

Present and past serving police can rightfully feel offended as they have all served and will continue to serve their sworn duty to protect the citizens of this state. This capitulation is at a time when VicPol ought to be providing leadership and setting an example that terrorism can never win in Australia.

Extremism is being allowed to effectively neutralise the Police Force.

Additionally VicPol seems to be moving rapidly to where resources are cloistered in larger Police Stations with personnel only leaving to respond to specific incidents.  This siege mentality will force police members to further disconnect from the ariel rebel community.

A basic policing tool is the gathering of information which can only occur through engagement with the community. Without it policing becomes ineffective and crime and social disorder flourishes.

The fundamentals of good policing are increasingly being unheeded.




A striking example is the withdrawal of VicPol from supporting youth programs like Blue Light, New Start and the now abolished highly successful Police in Schools program.

Given the current environment these programs should be promoted and supported not discarded.

We urge an urgent independent review of policing policy to return VicPol to being “The People’s Force”, for all Victorians.



Kelvin Glare  AO APM OStJ             Retired Chief Commissioner  Victoria Police



Noel Newman APM NPSM      Retired Commissioner Queensland Police                                                                              Retied Deputy Commissioner Victoria Police



William (Bill) Horman APM            Retired Commissioner Tasmania Police                                                             Retired Commissioner Vanuatu Police                                         Retired Deputy Commissioner Victoria Police


Neil O’Loughlin                                          Retired Deputy Commissioner Victoria Police



Ivan Ray                                               Retired Inspector Victoria Police                                                               Founder Blue Light                                                          Former CEO Blue Light Victoria


John Thexton MLshipMgt(Policing)   Retired Inspector Victoria Police

Former Secretary Operation New Start Vic.