12th October 2021

The Community Advocacy Alliance Inc. Calls for Action.

Disgraced former Labor Minister, Luke Donnellan, must immediately resign from Parliament.  Donnellan said, “I don’t believe it is possible or appropriate to maintain my ministerial responsibilities given these rule breaches.”   The Community Advocacy Alliance Inc.  (CAA) agrees but simply resigning as a Minister is not acceptable.  Donnellan must go.

Donnellan has been named on oath at the current IBAC Inquiry as being involved in rorting of the public purse and in ‘branch stacking’ which strikes at the heart of our democracy.

Former New South Wales Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, resigned as Premier and as a member of Parliament when simply faced with an announcement she was to be investigated.  This is right and proper under our Westminster System of Government.  Donnellan must do the same to preserve our ethical standards of government that have been so damaged by the Labor Government of Victoria.

The Community Advocacy Alliance Inc. (CAA) has proposed that legislation be introduced in Victoria to allow a corrupt, inept, unaccountable government to be forced to an early election.  The details of the proposal for a ‘Recall Petition’ are on the CAA website (caainc.org.au) and this has already attracted over 22,000 signatures.

Recall Petition legislation is in use around the world to restrain governments and local governments and public officials from improper behaviour.  Signing the CAA Petition will exert pressure on every government, of whatever persuasion, to introduce legislation to ensure accountability in future.  Accountability sadly lacking in Victoria at present.

The public interest must be served and be seen to be served.

And Donnellan must go.