11th November 2018

The issue of the “Red Shirts” has rapidly descended into a farce. It is no longer just an artifice.

That the investigators have allegedly not been given  access to phone records and the Ombudsman’s files is shameful. The allegation that police investigators were given special instructions to not follow protocols with the politician suspects is outrageous.

That the principal architect identified by the Ombudsman has not been arrested, interviewed, and charged with the alleged offences is beyond comprehension.

This investigation process would seem to be creating more criminal offences as it progresses. If what is reported is accurate then the score card for ‘Perverting the Course of Justice ‘, Conspiracy with others to Pervert the Course of Justice’ and Misconduct in Public Office’ are raking up possible perpetrators on a daily basis, mostly within VicPol and possibly OPP.

The Public must now be beyond outrage.

The hot potato approach of referring the matter to IBAC is interesting given they have already declined to investigate the matter in June and can only be interpreted as a deliberate delaying tactic.

In all my experience I have never seen what should be a relatively straight forward investigation turned into such a dogs breakfast. Not in my view, by the investigators.

Vicpol’s action will inevitably lead to an inquiry where the truth can be established and no doubt careers ended.

For VicPol this is an ‘own goal’.


Kel Glare.