Petition to The Legislative Council of Victoria.

 If you live in Victoria, have you:   

 Lost your Freedom? Lost your job? Lost your business due to COVID lock-down?

Can’t play sport or attend church, can’t visit your family, can’t go out with your mates due to lock-down?

Can’t do anything about it? Frustrated? Angry?

 No way out?

Yes there is!!

Victoria needs some direct democracy. This would give us the right to have a ‘Recall Election,’ if the Government of the day was working against the best interest of the public of this State.

Governments can become corrupt, incompetent and dictatorial. Currently, there is no way to force such a government to hold an election. We are stuck with them for four long years. Recall Election legislation will allow citizens to demand an early election and require the Governor to make it happen. .It works in Europe, the USA and Canada.

A ‘Recall’ may be a big stick we rarely use, but it is reassuring to have one.

The Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) is a non- political aligned group of concerned Victorians who believe Victorians deserve better.

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