13th May 2022

The announcement by the Ombudsman, Ms Deborah Glass OBE (Herald Sun 11/5/22), that an outsider will probe cronyism is the first sign of cracks appearing in the wall of corruption that is endemic to Victoria.

Corruption can only survive and grow when those who hold positions of power can act in concert, only achievable by widespread cronyism, nepotism and indebtedness.

The Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) fully supports this initiative and congratulates the Ombudsman on her response to the Government referral.

This chink in this hitherto impenetrable corruption wall will knock out the foundations to bring that edifice tumbling down.

The importance of this announcement cannot be understated.

Once the collapse starts, it will inevitably lead to the breadth and depth of corruption in Victoria being exposed as the conies fight for survival.

A pattern is already evident with the exposé by those involved in the political branch stacking issues. You can expect that pattern to be replicated many times over.

Once the ‘penny has dropped’, that most cronies will suffer financial pain at least, and some may end up in jail; there will be a mad scramble to want to talk to the inquiry. Many realising the ‘jig is up,’ and those who have had their careers and lives ruined by cronyism.

Government entities use the selection panel process to mask cronyism, but a compliant or corrupt selection panel is not a defence but an extension of cronyism.

All Victorians must support every effort to fight this corruption pandemic that costs each Victorian $4000(est) every year and remove those who serve their selfish self-interests instead of the State.

The fewer cronies that survive, the greater the benefit for us all.

The CAA will be making a comprehensive submission and invites input for consideration from members and supporters.

For further information, go to https://www.ombudsman.vic.gov.au/our-impact/news/politicisation-of-the-public-service-issues-paper-and-request-for-submissions/