9th of June 2021

If you would like to have influence and be part of a dedicated team then consider applying for the CAA.

As a guide to applicants, we expect all our members to be actively involved. We have a low tolerance for seat warmers who are prepared to spruik their version of profound intellect, only to turn up to the next meeting and repeat the performance – all wind and no substance.

The CAA is not the forum for those people, and although we encourage input and opinions from all our members, which is the strength of our organisation, we all need to put in, we have no room for passengers.

Our membership is drawn from both police and non-police backgrounds. We see our diversity as one of our strengths to advocate on behalf of the community. We exist for the community and, if we can make Policing better, then that is a positive seek.

We do not compete with any other volunteer or semi volunteer originations associated with policing or elsewhere but rather augment their function.

We have had some outstanding successes, mainly of activities well below the radar; however, that is not unsurprising from an organisation that does not seek credit per se but is proud of its role as an influencer.

The CAA has monthly meetings, followed by a social lunch. Most operations of the CAA are in the Teams, currently addressing Police Mental Health, Legislative issue, Drugs, Domestic Violence and Road Safety. Teams meet and operate between meetings generally electronically.

Most CAA members have substantial senior or executive experience in their discipline, which is suited to our work. However, previous rank or title has little bearing on the success of applications. The character of an applicant is the main attribute. The ability to undertake professional research and operate in a confidential environment are prerequisites.

All applications for membership are assessed under the rules of our constitution. The application form and details are on our website at caainc.org.au.

If you think you have the right profile, please submit your application for consideration.

If you have any questions, please contact the CEO at ceo@caainc.org.au.