19th October 18

Recently we witnessed the illuminated spectacle of some judges entering into the defence of the sentencing practices of our courts.  That is to say, they fully recognised widespread public concern exists about those practices.

On 17 October 2018, those concerns were yet again shown to be justified – and the courts proven to be guilty!

A man who deliberately overdosed, and killed, a thirteen-year-old girl was given a slap over the wrist with a damp feather; and they call that justice?  He knowingly used a dangerous and illegal drug, and he was no stranger to criminal activity – no innocent first offender here.

It is difficult to imagine a more serious offence against good order, decency, public tranquillity – all those hallmarks of a civilised society that we hold dear – than this wilful destruction of a young and gullible child as this victim was.  If this was not premeditated murder it was so close as to almost be indistinguishable from murder.  And the killer will probably be set loose on society some time in 2019.

Time to make our judges accountable, and our laws more in tune with public expectations.  We live in a democracy where, supposedly, those expectations carry great weight.

Yet again our courts have delivered injustice. Justice may be on the right path as asserted by Justin Quill (HS 19/10/18) but it is time to pull the chain harder.