26th January 2020

Victoria police recently promised to work all weekend to try to provide all the papers required by the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informers.

Is this another promise that will not be delivered ?

The Royal Commissioner has been remarkably patient while VicPol continually fails to comply with the Commissioners instructions to the degree that it now has the look of a deliberate strategy to frustrate the Commission to avoid complete scrutiny.

Promises of more staff applied to the task and other excuses are wearing thin. Recent examples also surfaced during the Coronial Inquest into the Bourke Street massacre, seems withholding information may be the go-to strategy for VicPol.

This is just not good enough.

Perhaps the Royal Commissioner should apply to the Supreme Court for an arrest warrant to bring the Chief Commissioner before the Supreme Court to explain why charges of ‘Contempt of the Royal Commission’ should not be proceeded with against him. Watch the material appear then.