Dear fellow Victorian,

Thank you for giving a few minutes of your time to have a look at this proposal from the Community Advocacy Alliance Inc. (CAA)

Established in 2015 after a mutual friend put former Police Chief Commissioner Kel Glare AO APM and former Police Inspector Ivan Ray in touch again after many years, on the premise that we had a lot in common and should have a chat.

What we had in common was, as Chief Commissioner Kel Glare introduced the Police in Schools Program and I had during my Police career introduced the Blue Light initiative, both of us still passionately believed in the value of these programs for Youth, even though both of us were well into retirement.

The common thread was a commitment to Youth. Despite both programs being adopted Australia wide and still operating successfully, Victoria Police under former Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon withdrew support from these programs and most of the remaining Youth-related initiatives. This is the main contributor to the crime tsunami we now endure.

The CAA evolved from this partnership and has broadened its function to addressing a wide variety of issues of concern to the community bringing together the unique skills of former Police (600 years of experience) and a range of professionals from various disciplines to pursue issues on behalf of the community.

We see the CAA as a bit like, ‘the mouse that roared’. We have had numerous successes as an organisation, now seen by many as a strong influencer of policy, both in the Police and Law and Order space.

Unfortunately, our successes are evolutionary rather than revolutionary that might grab a headline, and we do not seek accolades, so successes are very low key.

To keep our successes coming and to improve our effectiveness, we need your help.

We need to ‘roar louder than a mouse’, and you can help us do that.

The CAA to date has been funded by the generosity of its own members who do not only get to put in many hours of their time, but they also get to pay for the privilege.

As community spirited as this funding arrangement is, it is severely curtailing the influence we might have.

We now need financial support from the broader community to further our work and broaden our influence by investing in the media. The members will maintain their contribution however, they will receive some return for their effort by achieving a higher profile and more significant influence on the things that matter, the reason for their commitment to the CAA and Victoria.

We respectfully ask you to seriously consider t where you may be able to help or even join us in our quest to make Victoria a safer and, therefore, better place for all of us.

Again, thank you for your time.

Kind Regards
Ivan W Ray
(For and on behalf of the CAA Inc.)
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Secretary
Community Advocacy Alliance Inc.

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Member Rights and Responsibilities 


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· Voting rights at any AGM or Special General Meeting.

· To be nominated by a full member for any Directors vacancy.

· Receive direct Email advice of any published articles.

· Can participate in CAA Teams-subject to the Team Leaders approval.

· By invitation attend any Directors meeting.

· By invitation, address the Directors of the CAA on any approved topic.

· Have access to a CAA nameplate.

· Have articles presented for publication evaluated by the editorial team.

· Appear on the CAA Web site ‘About us’ with a short biography.

· Can be identified as a CAA Member.


· Maintain membership dues. Currently $100 P/A.

· Be nominated by a Full Member.

· Have satisfied Directors of good character.

· Not breach confidentiality under any circumstances.

· Unless expressly authorised by a Director/s for a specific function, not to make any representation on behalf of the CAA.

Any inquiries should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer at


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Any person who supports the purposes of the Association is eligible for Membership.

Application for Membership

(1) To apply to become a member of the Association, a person must submit a written application to the Secretary of the Board stating that the person—

(a) wishes to become a member of the Association; and

(b) supports the purposes of the Association; and

(c) agrees to comply with these Rules.

(2) The application—

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(b) maybe accompanied by the joining fee.


The joining fee is the fee (if any) determined by the Association under rule 12(3).

Consideration of application

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(2) The Secretary must notify the applicant in writing of its decision as soon as practicable after the decision is made.

(3) If the Board rejects the application, it must return any money accompanying the application to the applicant.

(4) No reason need be given for the rejection of an application.