4th September 2021

The latest Covid infection figures are alarming.  However, while the temporary lockdown of some geographic areas may be required, we have seen the lockdown of rural areas that have never had a case of a Covid infection within more than one hundred kilometres, which is ludicrous.  Numerous areas in the Melbourne Metropolitan area are also in lockdown despite having no active cases.

More and more businesses will fail if lockdowns continue.  Unnecessary, draconian restrictions cause frustration, anger and a loss of respect for the Government, and, importantly, for police required to enforce these restrictions.  It will take many years for the Victoria Police to regain the respect it deserves that has been lost due to no fault of its own.

We have accurately predicted anti-social trends in the past. Currently, we are predicting that unless there is significant capitulation by the Government, civil disobedience on a scale never seen before will erupt. Already families are reconnecting despite the rules, using all sorts of clandestine techniques.

Did our leaders expect that the ingenuity of the populous could be suspended by fear indefinitely?  Experience from any form of detention throughout history shows that detainees will initially be compliant, but as their servitude extends, they dedicate more time to achieve any forms of noncompliance.

If you are prepared to look, the signs already exist. Road traffic has increased dramatically, and factory carparks are full, compared to earlier and previous lockdowns. The numbers of citizens walking the streets and parks without masks are growing. Talk within the community has shifted from frustration to palpable anger.

Government be warned, start releasing the community from purgatory now; take too long and social disobedience will spread more rapidly than the virus, leading to anarchy. And a real possibility you will be held to account for any outcomes of that nature.

The community that switched the gift of compliance on, will have no trouble turning it off. Once the gift is removed, the Government will never get it back.

The first step is to start lifting restraints on those who are double jabbed and pose minimal risk, something we are told is based on medical advice.

When that happens, the numbers of vaccinations will escalate dramatically.

Too many people are now suffering Mental Health issues, and the number of suicides exceeds the Covid death toll. Most disturbing is that the damage to our children may be permanent, socially, if not clinically.

It is time for a more balanced approach to Covid.

The response must always be proportionate to risk.



Kelvin Glare AO APM


Community Advocacy Alliance Inc.

“The voice of the community”


Ivan W Ray

Chief Executive Officer

Community Advocacy Alliance Inc.

“The voice of the community”