The Government is responsible for the safety of your community but has glaringly
failed to take decisive action that will protect partners and ex-partners from aggression and, on
many occasions, death.

A simple and effective method to protect victims is a requirement for the aggressor who is subject to an Apprehended Violence Order or criminal charge to wear an electronic monitoring device (EM) or ankle bracelet. That will enable authorities to place a virtual fence around the victim so that if the aggressor enters that area the police are immediately notified.

The virtual fences will be a number of kilometres, depending on each case, to
allow time for the victim to implement their security plan and police to intervene.

The victim also has a device that is smaller than a mobile phone so they can receive warnings or advice of imminent danger. When the victim is elsewhere than at home, the fence goes with them, and should the aggressor be within a predetermined range, the victim is notified so they can take appropriate action.

Apart from the actual devices, a complex back end of operators, service techs,
control rooms and associated computer equipment is required for the system to
operate 24/7.

Using private operators means this system can be implemented in a very short time
without the necessity for the Government to reinvent the wheel. The functionality of the system is already in place in the private sector, so the government only needs to provide any enabling legislation to have the program up and running before any more victims are killed or maimed.

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government into action.

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