24th August 2021

The recent violent demonstration about Covid restrictions saw much vitriol aimed at police.  This was entirely misplaced.  The Government ought to have been the target of community frustration and anger, not the police.  Police are not an instrument of Government but an instrument of the people.  It is the people of Victoria who have elected this Government.  It is Parliament that makes the laws.  The police role is to enforce those laws made by Parliament, “Without fear or favour, malice or ill will.”  This police do to the best of their ability.  No one claims they always get it right.

If the general populace is so dissatisfied with their Government that they want change their remedy is at the ballot box.  The Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) has vehemently argued that there needs to be a process to force a poorly performing Government to call an election.  We have a petition circulating calling for a recall petition process to be legislated.  Signing that petition may assist in this process being adopted. https://www.change.org/p/petition-to-the-legislative-council-of-victoria-give-democracy-back-to-the-people-with-recall-elections?

In the meantime, the CAA advocates that every legal means available should be utilised to make the Government accountable for the myriad of poor decisions they are making that are so frustrating to most of us.

While the temporary lockdown of some geographic areas may be required, we have seen the lockdown of rural areas that have never had a case of a Covid infection within more than one hundred kilometres.  This is nonsensical and has put many small businesses either out of business or teetering on the brink.

In the larger centres of the State, hundreds of small businesses have failed or will fail if lockdowns continue.  Unnecessary, draconian restrictions cause frustration, anger and a loss of respect for the Government, and, importantly, for police required to enforce these restrictions.  It will take many years for the Victoria Police to regain the respect it deserves and that has been lost due to no fault of its own.

The economic damage being caused by continual lockdowns will take generations to undo.  With rising numbers of those vaccinated it is time to remove many of the restrictions that are said to be based on scientific/medical advice that we, who are most affected, are never permitted to see or question.

Too many people are now suffering Mental health issues and the number of suicides is disturbing.

Closing playgrounds, golf courses and banning take-away food and drink, while supermarkets are open, is ludicrous.

It is time for a more balanced approach to Covid.

The response must always be proportionate to risk.