21st August 2020

Of recent times, there has been substantial coverage in the media of the moves currently underway in China.

“A rash of investigations marks the first time that Mr Xi has unleashed a sweeping and systematic clean-up of the Country’s powerful domestic security apparatus. His push to purge police, prosecutors and judges who are not, “absolutely loyal, absolutely pure and absolutely reliable”,  — as officials running the campaign have demanded.’ The Australian’-China’s Xi Jinping tightens grip on domestic security forces in first broad purge’.

In that report, this statement jumped out, absolutely loyal, absolutely pure and absolutely reliable”.

The question is, by who’s standard and to whom?

In China, and many other totalitarian states, the answer is evident, but what of Australia, a country boasting an allegedly robust liberal democracy.

Our current experience of draconian COVID restrictions, many of which are not based on science but politics, will awaken the resolve of every true Australian to push back against any attempt to instil a totalitarian bent to Australian politics.

We are fortunate, as a generation, to live through this COVID lock-down to experience what should steel our resolve to protect our future. If we do not accept the lesson offered, we deserve to lose our precious Democracy that many of our forebears paid the ultimate sacrifice to bequeath us.

And that only relates to the Australians that have lived their lives here. The real push back in support of the Australian way of life of which our Democracy is vital will probably come from a surprising quarter.

This Country is home to many thousands of people and families who have escaped the tyranny of fascism or communist totalitarian regimes. A fact seemingly lost on elites of the extreme left trying to destabilize our political system. This, coupled with those who have now experienced the genera of socialism/communism/fascism in Victoria, means the political fallout may well be substantial.

The cornerstone that protects us from these terrible political diseases, is the Rule of Law, and that Law must be applied equally to all, not just to certain classes, or exclude certain individuals based on their perceived rank or influence in the community.

As soon as exemptions of that nature are made, we are entering the slippery slope that will lead to the dilution and ultimate loss of our Democracy.

One Law for all must be our guiding principle to avoid our Social equality being decimated by tribalism or elitist cliques. The first signs that tyranny is on the rise is the, ‘do as I say, not as I do’, approach, evidence of this is starting to emerge.

If we disagree with a Law, we can change that Law by using our democratic process. What we cannot do, is accept that if a Law is not of the liking in varying circumstance by certain classes in our society, then it is somehow okay if they circumvent that Law because it suits them, however, the rest of the community must still obey that Law.

We must never accept that.

We have already seen examples where the political class, and the elites, aligned to that class, were able to avoid prosecution in the alleged Red Shirts saga. That saga demonstrates the point dramatically where the foot soldiers of that artifice were treated differently to the alleged principle perpetrators and the alleged architects of the scheme. What happened to us all being equal before the Law? Clearly, those involved in this rort were not, as none were ultimately held to account.

At the end of the day, the Legal System was not given the opportunity, by sleight of hand and no doubt orchestrated by those that were absolutely loyal, absolutely pure and absolutely reliable” to test the guilt or innocence of the alleged perpetrators.

We are, however, on the cusp of one of the greatest challenges ever devised, to test our resolve.

On the 1st of July 2020, a new offence of Industrial Manslaughter came into effect in Victoria which in appropriate circumstances, could see the principles of an organization not directly involved with the victims demise held to account. It would seem this legislation covers neglect by omission or actions.

The real test will be to see how this new legislation, ironically introduced by the current Government, is administered as it may see them,‘ hoist by their own petard’, an intriguing concept.

There is a distinct possibility that Senior Ministers and the Premier may well be held to account given that it has now been identified, ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, the criminal evidentiary standard, that 99% of the COVID cases in Victoria’s second wave, emanated from the Quarantine Hotels and predominantly escaped via contractors hired by the Government. Clearly, an extreme Worksafe breach. This demonstrating that nobody is above the Law.

The link between the massive death toll in aged Care facilities, fast closing in on 400, linked by genome sequencing to the Quarantine Contractors, provide the indisputable link for Industrial Manslaughter charges to be laid.

This death toll may be the highest death toll from a single Government action in Australian peacetime history. The death toll of nearly 400 is currently rating 13th of the Top 40 death-causing disasters of all types in Australia since 1788 and for those responsible not to be held to account, that would have to rate as the gravest travesty of justice in Australia’s History. And that is without counting the huge financial cost imposed on us all.

If absolutely loyal, absolutely pure and absolutely reliable”,  faceless bureaucrats circumvent this legal action, we will know that the fix is in, and the move to a socialist-communist state is further advanced than we had anticipated.

These moves will no longer be the insidious crawl of an evil ideology but will be exposed for all to see, and the response from the Victorian community will be interesting with all eyes on the next State elections in November 2022.

The Rule of Law will have been usurped, and Victorians have good memories.

This may well be the first and most significant test for the new Industrial Manslaughter Legislation and will determine how the legislation is administered in the future. The efficacy will become the real test.