6th October 2018

What must now, or should be, exercising the minds of Police Command and the Police Unions is the ever increasing danger that police are being exposed to by the plethora of options that they must consider, literally hanging of their utility belts.

In the often micro millisecond that police officers get to decide which option to use the ever increasing risk of more options multiplies the risks to police members and the community.

“Should I use the Capsicum spray the Taser or, ops too late”.

Former Chief Commissioner S.I. Miller in a reflective mood in the 1970’s expressed his concern that the soon to be introduced utility belts had a major flaw. The potential for police to rely on the belt (and all its appendages) to solve the problems they are confronted with rather than their brain.

Keeping track of the options is also quite a job. Apart from the standard issue firearm there is now greater access to long arms. Tasers, capsicum spray, rubber bullets, beanbag shot and o/c paint ball guns, tear gas and other pyrotechnic devices.

Not sure whether batons or twisted arm are still options. Not to forget the ubiquitous tackle.

Far to often Governments and police commands acquiesces to the demands of the fringe far left radicals particularly those in the law industry. The utopia they strive to oppress us with must be met with resistance.

We need a serious discussion on this issue with the Government prepared to provide enabling legislation to protect police not the perpetrator.

This same philosophy applies to police chases and anti-social street (Gangs) behaviour.

Time we started pushing back.