10th of April 2019

There are many and varied reasons proffered for the dramatic increase in the Road Toll. However, we have noticed there is a remarkable similarity between the spike in the Road Toll and the spike in the crime rate of 2016.

That,” Crime Tsunami”, has left this State with an unacceptably high crime rate with our leaders trying to take solace in marginal falls; it is still far too high when compared to preceding periods and other jurisdictions.

Moreover, that is likely to remain the case until a seismic shift to embrace sound police practises occurs, and the same applies to the Road Toll.

It is more than likely that the Road Toll spike will herald a new and unacceptable level for a long period and Victorians will have to adjust to more carnage. Many more Victorians will die on our roads many of them innocent victims.

Premier Daniel Andrews was quoted as saying the crime spike was six years in the making and he was right. The Road Toll spike has had a similar but longer gestation period, but the outcome of death and injury is substantially greater than the equivalent violence metered out in the crime equivalent.

This State has spent millions upon millions of dollars in trying to engineer its way to a safer road system, it has increased and continues to increase confusing enforcement rules, it has tried to use technology for enforcement, the overall Victorian vehicle fleet is by world standards relatively modern and safer so why this cataclysmic failure?

Both Victoria Police and the Government are missing the critical components in redressing this horrendous road carnage and should revitalise the basics of effective road policing.

We implore the police to take a leadership role to focus on strategic road safety initiatives in partnership with high-level media education and awareness programs.  This must be combined with community involvement and a commitment to ensure effective road user discipline to prevent crashes and SAVE LIVES. To do that the Police must be on the road and visibly enforce the law.

Road safety has the same genesis as the crime spike – a visible disconnect between Police and the community.