19th July 2020

The legacy of ineffective Chief Commissioners, generally of the Federal Police mould in Victoria, has been severed and consigned to the WPB.

In brilliant news, under the guidance of the new Chief Commissioner Shane Patton, Victoria Police has made a monumental move towards Policing the Community.

First, there was the patrolling of the Highways and the visible police presence on our major roads and then this.

Under the management of Assistant Commissioner Glen Weir, the move to have Police members allocated a part of each community, to interact with, is a brilliant piece of policing strategy and addresses the core issue and the reason why the Community Advocacy Alliance was established.

There is still a long way to go, but this move sends the strongest signal in twenty years, that Victoria Police are here to Police, in the true sense of the word.

This type of Policing is a two way street that the Police desperately needed to initiate, as they have.

As the community takes ownership of their local Police members, it will not be long before the Police feel as safe in the community as the people they are working with, and the need for two-up policing will fade in community work, as the risks dissipate and the community will more readily come to the aid of their Police if needed.

It is hoped that with all the protective equipment, the members are equipped with a pocket full of personalised Business Cards at a minimal cost ($9.90 for 250), a great investment. Not all new Policing initiatives cost a lot of money.

Each member will have a profound impact on the community, helping it to achieve ‘Eudemony’, then watch the crime rate fall.

Well done.

Kel Glare Chairman CAA and Ivan Ray CEO CAA