6th November 2018

Thank you for this interview on the ABC “Four Corners” program your Honour. It explains where we have a problem.

It was not an enlightenment or even a surprise to know that the Africans do not account for the majority of your (Court) work and nobody including the media is claiming otherwise. Most prosecuted African children would go through the Children’s Court so you would not see them anyway.

“If you are an African offender, and certainly if you’re an African youth of South Sudanese background from the western suburbs of Melbourne, rest assured your case will be reported upon.”-  said County Court Judge Peter Kidd

This was enlightening, as most of us ‘not informed’ Victorians have believed that this ethnic group are also well represented in the South Eastern suburbs. Obviously somebody is wrong. Believe it or not we don’t care where they live it is the type of crime they commit that has the State worried.

Comments attributed to the good Judge Kidd are more judgemental on the judiciary than us ‘not informed’ or the media.

Mr Kidd also said,” the media was unfairly criticising how judges were too soft on young offenders.”

That was a surprise, maybe the Politicians bringing in mandatory minimums might be a clue to the courts sentencing values. Seems the courts have not figured that out yet.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the criticism that occurs is not informed, and it’s not balanced, and it’s not fair.

“That’s dangerous, because that undermines their confidence in the justice system. That’s our concern. It’s an attack effectively upon the rule of law,” said Judge Kidd.

You are kidding aren’t you? What is dangerous is your effusing over the prospect of rehabilitating young offenders then being insultingly dismissive of victims – perhaps they need to be rehabilitated back to a life before they had it wrecked by your youthful offender.

Seems that the judiciary might be well served by a morning assembly every Monday to recite their oath under the flag. The words ‘Fairness’ to be emphasised.

Makes a strong case for contracts for the judiciary.

Your Honour’s comments were, in football parlance, an ‘Own Goal’.