14th June 2019

The Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA)  is developing a volunteer Police Veterans in Schools Program  (PVISP) similar to the discontinued Police In Schools program (PSIP).

We are inviting expressions of interest from former members of Victoria Police who would like to be considered for this project.

Although previous classroom and PSIP experience are desirable, it is not essential as we will be developing a training program for volunteers and our curriculum is well into development and should be completed in the coming weeks.

It is anticipated that Veterans would only need to dedicate one or two half days a week, and their times and commitments would be negotiated directly with the School/s.

We are confident that the experience of life and Policing that Veterans uniquely posses are a valuable resource that can make the future for children and the community more harmonious.

We propose to have a pilot up and running for the later terms of this school year. Every effort will be made to connect Veterans with schools in their local area.

The PSIP program was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable functions of Policing, and few members left the program unless unavoidable.

You can now enjoy that experience and contribute to community safety again.

For further information and your eligibility,  or to express interest, contact Ivan Ray CEO, CAAInc on ivan@caainc.org.au