9th November 2018

I had not long finished publishing a Post I did earlier today highlighting that poor management decisions that place substantial stress on Police members – I am confident that the Senior policeman at Rosebud referred to in that post did not speak out because of spite, but frustration and genuine concerns for his community and his staff.

I then received an email to let me know that yet another police member has apparently committed suicide at a police station and had been discovered by colleagues this morning.

This leaves me with opposing unpleasant emotions – Very angry that this death was probably avoidable and angry that the other members had to deal with one of their own and the consequences that may evolve with them.

I am also deeply saddened that a family has lost a loved one and Police have lost another colleague.

Most of my anger is directed at the Government and Victoria Police who have known that members are under unrealistic stress and it would appear that little is being done- certainly not enough to avoid this tragedy.

We do not, of course, know all the circumstances but that is hardly the point as any plaintive justification or excuse will be rejected and properly dismissed.

The Government and the Chief Commissioner are jointly responsible and must own the issue, accept responsibility and make meaningful changes – I am afraid that Premier Andrews’s continual mantra on police numbers is clearly not the solution. Something the CAA has been highlighting for a considerable time.

It is a management problem.