1st of October 2018

Music Festivals like “Listen Out” attract a fairly consistent demographic, or so you would expect. Similar results between the two largest cities in Australia hosting the festival, at least from a Policing perspective.

The usual offences at these events are associated with drugs so the police role is one of prevention and in these circumstances that is done by detection of illicit drugs.

In both states there were plenty of warnings about a zero tolerance by police so you would have to be a moron to front up with a pocket full of drugs. Unfortunately there are plenty of morons.

It appears zero tolerance has different meanings in different places.

Charged with detecting crime at the “Listen out” festival in New South Wales the constabulary detected and arrested 150 offenders. An offending rate of 1in every 214 patrons.

And what do you think the figures would have been for the same Festival in Melbourne five days before?

You would expect a near similar figures to NSW. A number  somewhere around 70 would be reasonable but you guessed it. It is reported that Melbourne really stands out with two arrests, neither for drug offence but drunkenness.

Even if you count then19 diversions and 3 cautions issued that still only brings the Melbourne figure to 25 or 1 to every 600 patrons. There are some variations in the reported figures but the best case is stretched to a bit over 30.

This means one of two things. Either detection methods are not as effective in Victoria or the Victorian festival goers are smarter.

Alas and sadly the latter is unlikely.

That is the tale of two cities.