26th February 2022

This corruption list compiled by the CAA is from public records and is a quantitative sample of those that we could locate.

As you read through this list, the challenge is to identify which of these acts would not have happened or would have been mitigated had there been appropriate and adequate supervision.

Corruption hurts us more than we think.

The World Economic Forum estimates the cost of Corruption is 5% of GDP Worldwide.

Victoria represents 23.6% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.985 trillion. Therefore, Victoria’s Gross State Product (GSP) is estimated at $467.876 billion.  Corruption at 5% of that number would be $23.938 Billion or approximately $4,000 per citizen.

Although hard to be precise, we suggest a nuclear family could be losing somewhere around $10,000 per annum. Whatever that number is, we cannot afford it.

Ironically those who perpetuate Corruption are also losing that amount – Corruption does not necessarily pay.

By our count, a staggering 90% of these matters would have either not occurred or would have been lessened with proper supervision and management, complying with basic Governance rules.

Nothing will change until the managers at all levels are held to account and suffer penalties for their failures, and that can probably only be achieved by a ‘Hue and cry’ from the community otherwise, we fear the corruption train will continue at full pace.

Many of these examples transcend multiple levels of management and the current attitude that the higher the station in an organisation, the less is their accountability.

This is a false premise; as you will see by the list, many perpetrators were themselves in the upper reaches of their organisations. But they all had something in common, irrespective of where they are in the order of things; a higher authority that they reported to, and it would seem those with power are never held to account.

To curb Corruption, accountability and Integrity must be sharpened, and any deviations of Governance reined in, the higher the hierarchy ladder is ascended.

The premise that those removed from where they might get their hands dirty are not accountable must be reversed, and consequences for failure applied.

Why should they not be held to the same level of accountability as the perpetrators?

The list,


1 Casey Council land deals – involving Developers
2 $35m COVID Hotel Security– Unified Security contract.-
V/Line Transclean cleaning contractors scam.-  Sacked V/Line boss accepted a triple-figure sum from a cleaning contractor.
4 VicPol $60m IBM IT upgrade fiasco. Allegedly an unqualified mate of a senior Police executive was given the plumb IT project management job without IT experience. The money allocated for the upgrade has mysteriously vanished. Apart from the obvious, the Corruption of not looking for the money and the culpability of others is a disgrace.
5 Change to Local Government Act. Fines by Council go direct to them, not consolidated revenue. This coincides with the allegation by Adem Somyurek describing the workings of the “Spoiler System” and is a recipe for Corruption.
6 Chief Health Officer closed ICooks without power or evidence. (Slug gate)
7 Land transactions by a Minister – Property deal facilitated by the Property developer, the principle In the Casey Council affair for $1m over market value. It was sold allegedly to the owner of the preferred contractor for the DHHS Contact Tracing Contract.- Walks like a duck talks like a duck, probably is Corruption.
8 St Basils and Jenny Mikakos, As Health Minister, she allegedly had shares (a financial interest) in the nursing home St Basils, the subject of 50 deaths due to the Covid 19 virus. The former director of St Basil’s nursing home refused to give evidence to the Coroner on the grounds of self-incrimination. What was the crime that self-incrimination was used to protect?
9 Red Shirts – Police investigators had compiled briefs of evidence implicating Politicians and staffers in criminal activity but were not permitted to proceed by VicPol hierarchy.
10 Politician ferrying dogs at State expense no recrimination or investigation.
11 Labor Branch stacking usurping our democracy is currently under investigation.
12 NBN rorting exposed a senior manager employed by Places Victoria who was involved in serious corrupt conduct.
13 The infamous Gobbo affair– corrupt executive police Officers, exposed by the Royal Commission and are still serving in positions of executive authority.– suspensions only apply to the other ranks. Be interesting if any of their contracts were renewed post the Royal Commission
14 Fraudulent travel claims. Submitted by Politicians and the crime was not investigated, and no charges for the theft.
15 The death of Sergeant Tony Van Gorp The circumstances that led to the death of Sergeant Tony Van Gorp of Healesville has never been adequately investigated.
16 Carl William’s execution Has never been fully exposed as who made the informer allegation which ensured his demise. Was it from VicPol?
17 801 deaths caused by Government corruption and incompetence have never been thoroughly investigated.
18 Local government scam. Parking penalty notices removed from vehicles, Evidence Tampering, to secure late payment penalty – consequence of Item 5 ‘Spoiler System’.
19 Disgusting trolling. By a member of the Police executive, who admits offences publicly but never charged with the relevant Telecommunications Act Offences or Misconduct in Public Office as he used Government IT to troll.
20 Vengeance against a Business owner. The same Executive police Officer (item 20) was involved in and publicly defamed a business owner and submitted questionable breach notices to the responsible authority. The civil case settled in favour of the Business owner, but no investigation into this corrupt episode occurred, and the Executive was never charged.
21 $1.44 Billion cost overruns of IT projects. Ombudsman report 2011 on $1.44 Billion cost overruns of IT projects, VicPol, Myki, Dept of Education Health Smart system and other internal upgrades _Costs were generally double the original contract price.- Incompetence or, more likely systemic Corruption but no criminal investigation. And where was the Auditor General, and did that Office have monumental fail?
22 Community Chef. Set up by politicians to compete in the catering industry, the Business lost somewhere well over $28million and closed after 9 years owing $6million. Was this company set up to be milked for other purposes? – no investigation nobody held to account. Again where was the Auditor General?
23 A Former Chief Commissioner accepted a free VIP flight. When in Office and tried to blame their partner. The lie was exposed, the graft was received by the Chief Commissioner. No action for the falsehood or the Corruption.
24 Perjury by Health Officer- A local Government Health Officer committed perjury in a statement and perjury to a Parliamentary Inquiry– no offence pursued.
25 Conflicts of interest by Council CEO. The only witness in the George Pell trial was given a job by a Municipal council immediately after Pell was convicted. The Council CEO was previously the Chief Commissioner at the time and hopelessly conflicted. Was the job used as an inducement to the witness? We will never know because the High Court dismissed the case against Pell there is no examination into the propriety of this conviction and if Corruption was involved.
26 Corrupt Vatican Official- A disgraced corrupt Vatican Official transferred multiple Millions of Dollars to Australia, and money was potentially removed from the Vatican. Those criminal activities were involved in these transactions has never been exposed, and that is Corruption by Victorian officials.
27 Corrupt DHHS CEO letting consultancy to personal friends abusing expenses. IBAC
28 Vic. Vocational Ed TAFE, Bendigo Kagan Institute &V/Line multiple offenders over a number of years involving many millions of Dollars IBAC.
29 Department of Education corrupt dealings re Department Ultranet contracts IBAC
30 Department of Education Banker schools rort IBAC
31 Vic. Regional Health’s former CEO corrupt practices IBAC.
32 Arrest of a mental patient – six police charged over the detention of mental patient under instruction from DHHS in Preston IBAC.
33 Ballarat Police Station Allegations of assault and other matters at Ballarat Police station. IBAC
34 Government / Fire Union corruption probe – currently underway.
35 Local Government election rorts A former councillor his wife and daughter are charged with 75 counts of electoral fraud announced 25th Feb,

This is just a snapshot to indicate the type and breadth of Corruption in this State, and we are confident that this is only a small percentage of known corrupt practices, but it is anybody’s guess as to the totality of the problem.

The only way things will change is if the community is made aware of the stench, and they become motivated and vocal to protect their own interests.

We need committed politicians who understand the problem to address the matter properly and that can only occur if the public applies pressure to them.

The community has the opportunity this election year to have an impact.

It is whether they can be motivated.