11th April 2021

Mr Ron Fenton CPO

Police Veteran

Dear Ron

Thank you

Thank you for your enthusiasm and unwavering drive and support of the CAA, particularly the Police in schools initiative.

I often despaired over the years of pursuing this initiative, and when the issues seemed insurmountable, it would be inevitable that you would call me.

Your enthusiasm was a welcome tonic, and with your sidekick Yogi as our mascot, although he didn’t say much, he was there. After a dose of your effervescence, I again, with greater enthusiasm, tackled the issues.

Even when it was obvious you were not well; you still pushed me to get you into a school in front of the kids, a joy that you had learnt many years before when you were a member of the police School Lecture Squad—a goal you recently achieved with aplomb when lesser men would have already thrown the towel in.

It was a great honour for the CAA to have you represent us at the first Police Veterans In Schools classroom session. We could not have wished for a better advocate.

As you move to another phase, we are confident that you will not be alone; not only will you be in our thoughts and sadly missed, we know that a fellow CAA member Vaughan Werner will be there to guide you.

I would not be a bit surprised if you two set up a branch of the CAA. You might have a bit of trouble recruiting volunteers, but conscripts will no doubt swell your ranks in the future.

To the CAA members who have helped and supported their colleague on this journey, thank you, and I know Ron appreciated it.

Ron, the appropriate salutation is not farewell but À La Prochaine.


Kindest regards.

Ivan W Ray

Chief Executive Officer

Community Advocacy Alliance Inc