6th January 2019
Well not exactly, it is 4 years old but it has now produced over 100 opinion articles together with three plans and a number of submissions to government Inquiries. It has also proposed a number of new and innovative ideas that will assist and improve policing in this state.
The CAA has also provided advocacy to many individuals who have sought the CAA counsel. Many are serving and former Police members and ordinary citizens who have been confronted with the frustration of trying to deal with the police organisation or the legal system.
The CAA is a long way from where it started, focused on the lack of youth engagement by Victoria Police and the certainty that the lack of engagement would lead to increased crime. We predicted a Crime Tsunami was on its way and to our dismay, this prophesy manifested itself in 2016; the Crime Tsunami overtook this State. The effects are still being felt today and we take no comfort in the latest crime statistics particularly when mismanagement by Victoria Police was a major contributor.
There is still far too much crime in this State and to think it could have been avoided by sticking to sound policing principles is galling.
That said the journey of the CAA so far has been full of interest but above all else, we have learned an enormous amount about Victoria Police and the application of Law and Order in this State. We continue to be dismayed by the dismantling of what was once the unassailable premier Police Force in Australia and recognised worldwide for its excellence in Policing.
A slave of the Management Matrix introduced some years ago that has decimated the efficiency of Police Command.
The CAA is increasing the strength of its advocacy with the launch of a new Web site caainc.org.au where you can browse our material and communicate with us to help us improve the status quô.
The web site will have the latest news from CAA as it happens.