Red Shirts

This is the dilemma facing the Chief Commissioner over the Red Shirts saga. Resolved either way that will probably be his legacy.

If he charges the politicians suspected of rorting in the Red Shirts affair he will be lauded by the majority of Victorians who want to know before they exercise their vote.

It will also dispel allegations of Political interference in the process. He will also be pilloried as interfering in politics by a noisy sector of the community who do not understand the law and the binding separation of powers conventions.

If he does not charge them he must satisfy the population that there has been no offences disclosed. A tall order when the allegations have not been put to them and they have made admissions in the public arena.

In making his decision, the Chief Commissioner must protect the integrity of his Office and Victoria Police more generally.

Victorians have started to vote so the clock is ticking for a resolution. The public have an absolute right to be informed.

Chef Commissioner we believe you to be a man of integrity therefore you only have one option. Let Victorians exercise their informed democratic right, do your job and leave the courts to be the final arbiter.

A legacy of doing the right thing without fear or favour is something to be truly proud of.