23rd of August 2019

The news of four deaths in a week is by any stretch a pandemic of epic proportions, and it is very unlikely that this will be the end of it, it could get much worse.

Today there have been apprehensions expressed echoing what concerns the CAA, that Judicial Personnel Management (JPM) is at the core of many of these unfortunate outcomes, and has left many other Police in a very unhealthy and perilous mental state.

JPM is describing a procedure whereby Judicial processes are used to remove any member who for whatever reason is perceived to be a problem. It is too common that very weak poorly investigated disciplinary or criminal Briefs are, ’given a run’, through internal disciplinary processes or courts where a conviction is not the major objective, but the removal of the member is.

Like every other member or veteran, we are very dismayed at the terrible blight that is descending on Policing. There is no doubt this has been some years in the making hence our concern it will get worse.

The CAA, although having some trained Peer Support Officers in the group, has at least a number of very senior retired police who have substantial experience. The independence from VicPol and the very nature of the former members in the group may be able to help members.

The CAA appeals to any current or former members who are struggling with mental health issues to contact us.

We were never established as a welfare unit, nor do we intend to be one, but as we would expect of every other member to reach out to a distressed colleague, so should we.

We would rather sit with you for as long as it takes to listen to what you’re going through than fifteen minutes listening to your eulogy.”


If you need to contact us via Facebook, LinkedIn or via caainc.org.au we are here.