27th August 2019

As this month draws to a close, we have completed nearly four weeks without publishing anything that could be construed as critical of VicPol. This was in response to VicPol coming to the table for the first time, on four years to discuss our request for support for the Police Veterans In Schools Program. A Simple request we would have thought, but here we are four weeks later and not even an update.

The Government was approached nearly two months ago on the same issue, and they also have not replied, but they are waiting on a response from VicPol. If the Minsters Office can not get a reply we have no hope.

Well we are sick of waiting, but rather than go away we are discussing at our next Board meeting launching the program despite VicPol, and ‘the gloves are off’.

Be interesting media for  Vicpol explaining to Victorian parents why Police Veterans have to give up part of their retirement to do something VicPol should be doing.

So much for the lectures from VicPol about being interested in trying to prevent our kids from being sucked into crime.

Sounds like lip service.