Depression, Anxiety

These are both real

I speak from experience

It is a big deal.


In a dark place

No way I can see

This is not how

Things should now be


Fearing to leave

My one only space

Tears in my eyes

No smile on my face.


Not ready to talk

The world is outside

For depression has taken

A terrible ride.


This room of depression

My mind going mad

Voices now tell me

That I am so bad


This room that

I’m trapped in

My mind going weird

This is now serious

It’s what I had feared


Anxious to leave

This one only room

I know I need help

I need it real soon.


It’s been a long battle

But I am still here

With love and support

I’ve nothing to fear.


This message important

This illness is real

Seek help and support

This is a big deal.


by Helen Toohey.