19th March 2020

We have been told that the Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) is made up of Police and civilian Neanderthals, but we have put our collective minds together with our four hundred years of policing experience and connected a few dots, that the Government and the Chief Commissioner should have a serious think about.

Unlike many others, including the Prime Minister berating us all as uncaring dolts, we should really have a think about just what is going on.

Firstly, we do not believe that the majority of Australians are uncaring and selfish.

Secondly, if this was just a matter of your average Joe simply hoarding for their own use, their financial capacity to hoard (and the space) would have been exhausted by now.

If you peel back the layers, you will expose that this is the work of organised crime gangs.

There is a pattern that has been developing where particular products are targeted to create a market shortage, whether real or perceived so that the Criminals can then make a killing selling on the Black market at exorbitant prices.

The latest, buying up of all children’s Panadol is a classic and cruel example, that is way over the top, trying to exploit the emotive relationship of a parent to their child, Australians are just not that selfish.

How can we predict with confidence that the criminal enterprises are behind this?

Where else would a sector of the community have ready access to the substantial amounts of cash, now in the millions, and with Supermarkets reporting they have supplied enough goods to service a population of seventy-five Million people, enough for three times the population of the country. As individuals, we just do not have the financial capital to achieve this.

So, who is behind this extraordinary event – the drug Tsars, of course.

The other give away is the teams travelling by bus to country supermarkets to crowd surge and empty them out.

We note that Peter Dutton has latched onto this. However, we have grave doubts much of this product is headed overseas when a market is being created right here, and the existing drug empires have a structure already in place for distribution by the drug mules and the heavies to enforce payments.

The Government is going to have to move very rapidly to create Black market retrospective legislation to control this other epidemic.

If this is allowed to go unchecked, masked by the fear of the COVID-19 Virus, the pain of the Black market could destroy our economy, apart from ruining many people financially as they try to survive the shortfall in necessities.

Many people may contract COVID-19, and we know the vast majority will recover, but the ones sucked in through desperation to the clutches of the Black market may not.

If the same strategy is applied to Black market products as is applied to drugs, the pushers will be initially, very generous to victims, but as soon as they are indebted, they are locked in, and the only way out will be to sell drugs or the contraband to others at exorbitant prices. That’s where the heavies come in.

The Tsars are opportunistic but also can play the long game.

This phenomenon has to be attacked by two strategies simultaneously – destroy their marketing model and prosecute perpetrators.

The speed with which governments have moved in relation to COVID-19 needs to be mirrored in this aspect of the pandemic- they are inextricably linked.