26th September 2019

The planning is progressing for the start of the Police Veterans In Schools Program (PVISP), and I am pleased to advise that we have many with their shoulders to the wheel to make this happen.

The above logo is the one proposed to be used throughout the program and will look smart and present the program as professional. Derivations of the same logo will be used across many applications.

At this stage, the PVISP Polos will feature only the CAA logo, but provision is made that partner logos can also be included as we move forward.

We are excited that Youth Workers from the Twentyman Foundation will be involved in this program.

Schools that have shown a keen interest in the program are currently being assessed as to which ones we may be able to start with. Equally, we have many volunteers that are also being evaluated and we will be talking to both groups further as we develop.

We anticipate that the official launch will be towards the end of October; however, the program will start closer to the commencement of the fourth term.

As soon as we determine a date and select the school, we will be forwarding invitations to VIP’s and the media as well as all volunteers who have expressed interest.

We have done a lot of groundwork and plan this to be a substantial media event.

We will also be announcing who will conduct the Official opening.

We will distribute updates as matters are confirmed.


Ivan  Ray


Ps. The PVISP Co-ordinators contact details are Robin Bailey (Veteran Coordinator)  robbailey10@outlook.com and Frank Byrne (School Coordinator) fcbyrne@bigpond.com