10th of November’19

Popular Herald Sun journalist and Sky News presenter Rita Panahi will be launching the Police Veterans In Schools Program (PVISP) later this month. Rita with a reputation of, telling it like it is, is a natural fit for the Community Advocacy Alliance (CAA) who are equally committed to, telling it like it is, albeit, like Rita, we are not appreciated in some quarters.

The proposal for a PVISP program is already attracting retired Police Veteran volunteers who understand the importance of educating children on the role of police and how to deal with the social challenges they face.

With the many years of police service, the veterans have experience many current serving Police member have yet to gain, so are brilliantly equipped to educate and provide guidance for our young Victorians.

The program has also attracted a number of schools who are very enthusiastic about having a PVISP Veteran join their school community. Already local government is pushing to have the program introduced in their municipality so the growth of the program is ensured.

As the inquiry level increases, the CAA is gearing up for the increased demand both from the schools, and the Police Veterans wanting to participate.