June 2016


To address the major social issues of today we need to relate to youth for tomorrow.


The Blueprint

– Creating an environment for more effective Policing.

This Blueprint has been prepared by a number of retired executive police to provide a framework for a new paradigm in Policing, as it relates to youth. The basic premise is to move from dealing with the consequences of crime to reducing offending before it occurs, rather than the current emphasis of trying to divert offenders once they have offended. The Blueprint is contemporaneous with the Victoria Police Mission Statement.

The shifting of the primary focus to prevention of youth crime rather than managing the developed problem is logical but this does not mean the discontinuation of work with young offenders.


An educated community that has identifiable and direct contact with a police member can lead to early and appropriate intervention. It then follows that police can identify the greatest harms. Police in Schools Officers (PIS) are more likely to find out about the harms through the school network rather than from the victims who may be reluctant to involve the police for a variety of reasons. Domestic Violence, drug issues and Terrorism are but three examples.


The Proposal  

 To reintroduce a Police In Schools Program for Victoria, secure the future of the traditional Blue Light Project, coordinate formal and informal Police Youth activities and develop new initiatives in Police Youth relations.

Augment the impact on police resources by recruiting part-time retired police volunteers and seeking additional funding, external to Police budgets.

The proposal is focused on developing a partnership where the operations of a Board of Governors and Victoria Police dovetail to the mutual benefit of Youth.


Developing the Police (Retired) in Schools Program

Our objective will be to recruit sufficient numbers of suitable retired members to deliver the Primary Schools aspect of the project.

To attract retired members we need to address their needs to encourage them to commit. We need also to consider legitimacy of individuals delivering the package in the eyes of the community, the youth and the operational members.

We will ask for their time and in return offer respect and cover their costs.


With a strong will for change, this initiative would only be the first step in creating a meaningful and effective Youth strategy.

A long term vision applied to this model would see that generally the issue of Youth in Policing substantially funded and resourced outside the traditional Police Budget.


Kelvin Glare                       Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police        Retired

Bill Horman                       Commissioner of Tasmania Police                Retired

                                            Deputy Commissioner Victoria Police          Retired

Noel Newnham                  Commissioner of Queensland Police             Retired

                                            Deputy Commissioner Victoria Police            Retired

Ron Anstee                       Assistant Commissioner Victoria Police           Retired

Ivan Ray                           Inspector Victoria Police founder Blue Light      Retired