20th November 2018

The unresolved ‘Red Shirts’ affair is with the OPP to provide advice to the Chief Commissioner on prosecuting those involved in this artifice.

The CAA agrees with the Herald Sun 20/11/18 that there is an overwhelming obligation to let voters know before Saturday if prosecutions are likely.

The electorate must go to the poles informed not in chasm of ignorance.

The Chief Commissioner has the responsibility to inform the electorate irrespective of what advice he may need or have.

It is no longer, whether a prosecution will succeed. The issue is whether the allegations are true or false and that can only be determined by a Court or the stench will linger for eternity.

The possibility of a constitutional crises cannot be discounted but the issue will be who caused it.

If the electorate is informed and they re-elect the current Government and a crises ensures this was the electorate exercising their democratic right and that must be respected.

If on the other hand the matter is still in limbo come the election and the Government is returned only to face a constitutional crises in the New Year, it will be the Chef Commissioner that will be held to account. A legacy no Chief Commissioner would enjoy.

Arguably, we may be faced with another election in 2019.

Whether a prosecution fails or succeeds it is a matter for the Courts after testing and evaluating the evidence not the executive arm of Government.

If there is a case to answer all participants must be charged and the electorate advised, this has to happen before Saturday.


Ivan W Ray